Opening in stages beginning in 2015, Boomtown Brewery is just shy of 20,000 square feet. What was once a city full of vacant and underutilized properties is now the thriving north sector of the LA Arts District. This project has come to fruition through the efforts of the Boomtown partners working closely with the city of Los Angeles and Councilmember Jose Huizar's office to provide an exceptional brewery, event space and craft beer taproom. You can find Boomtown beer in over 300 locations throughout the state. Boomtown is poised to continue our interpretation of the historical boomtown expansion.

In the mid-1800s, the boomtowns of California were points of convergence for those lured by potential riches and discovery. Tens of thousands moved to various overnight success-story towns, with one purpose in mind: to make it, and make it big. Some of those towns ceased to exist after very short periods; others remained until the well ran dry.

Los Angeles maintains a similar allure for those that move in every year to pursue their dreams. They provide an infusion of new blood with aspirations to make their mark. The arts industry in Los Angeles remains one of the most influential in the world, creating an undying boom that has made this city the mecca of creativity it is today.

With that in mind we embarked on a journey to bring artisan beer to those artists, and to embrace both their creativity and community. At Boomtown Brewery we not only craft old world, unfiltered, gravity fed, full flavored beers with integrity; we also showcase our commitment to the arts and the Arts District by serving as a venue and showcase for artists and galleries. We want Boomtown to be a haven for expression. It’s what the Arts District in Los Angeles is all about.

Local artists design many of Boomtown’s labels as well as furnishings, fixtures, and structures. Our taproom is a community space where people gather to enjoy beer, games, express themselves creatively and engage with like-minded people. We host a variety of events from DJs to gallery showings, benefits, block parties, bicycle rides, and more – all in the name of contributing to the creative community that is the Los Angeles Arts District.